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Drag and Drop Operation on the GTS Tree
You can drag nodes in the GTS Tree similar to the standard model tree. You can select one or more nodes and drag them to a different location on the GTS Tree. You can use a drag-and-drop as short cuts for Cut and Paste and also for Include and Exclude. The restrictions and behavior that apply to the direct manipulation options also apply to the short cuts. You can also use drag-and-drop to reorder node in the base-level node or under any combine or component node on the GTS Tree.
Auto-expansion in the GTS Tree works in the same way as in the standard model tree. If you drag a component over a collapsed group node and hold it there for two seconds without dropping it, the group node expands automatically, and you an continue to drag the node over its sub-nodes.
If the new location where you want to place the dragged feature is not valid, the pointer changes to . If the new location is a valid one, an internode indicator appears on the GTS Tree.
When you drag and drop active surfaces into a component, the surfaces are deactivated but remain selected to facilitate easy activation after they are dragged to their new location. Right-click the selected surface and click Activate to activate the surfaces, as required.