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To Set a Part Model as the Active Part
When more than one part is associated with the active drawing, the Part Setup dialog box opens.
The Associated part models table lists the active part, the existing parts associated with the active drawing by name, and the views of the current drawing by number in the Active, Part Name, and Views Mapped columns, respectively. The current active part appears checked in the Active column.
1. In the Active column, click the button adjacent to a part name that you want to make the active part.
2. Select the relevant row with the part name.
3. Click New part if you want to create a part and associate the datum planes of the part with the views of the drawing. The New Part dialog box opens.
4. Click View mapping. The View Mapping dialog box opens with the selected row consisting of the relevant part name for view mapping.
5. Use the View Mapping dialog box to map the drawing views to the datum planes of the selected part.
6. Click OK in the Part Setup dialog box. The selected part is the active part with its datum planes mapped to the views of the active drawing. You can create features on this active part.