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To Create a Simple Straight Hole
1. Click Feature > Straight Hole on the AutobuildZ tab. The Hole Feature wizard opens.
2. Type a name for the straight hole in the Name box. Under Type, Hole Type displays to create a simple straight hole.
AutobuildZ does not support the creation of sketched straight holes.
3. Under Hole Profile on screen Step 2 Of 4 of the Hole Feature wizard, select a circle entity to define the diameter of the hole. The box next to displays the ID of the selected entity.
4. Accept the diameter value displayed in the Hole Diameter box, or type a value as the diameter of the hole.
5. On screen Step 3 Of 4, select a line entity to define a surface for the hole.
The 3D Info box displays the name of the datum plane or surface that the selected line entity represents if the datum plane or surface exists in the 3D model.
6. Click if you want to clear the selection.
7. On screen Step 4 Of 4, under Depth Reference, select a draft entity as the reference to define a depth for the hole.
If a surface exists on the part, depth is calculated, by default, and the hole feature is created "upto" this surface that is used as a reference.
Click if you want to clear the selection.
8. Under Depth Options, select one of the following options to specify the depth of the hole:
Blind—Specifies the required depth for the hole. Type a value in the box. If you do not specify a value, the reference entity is used to calculate depth.
is not available. You cannot select an entity.
Through Until—Specifies an existing surface on the part that is used as the reference "upto" which depth is calculated. This is the default.
Through All—Specifies that the depth of the hole extends through all the surfaces in the model.
9. Click to flip the direction of the hole.
10. Click Preview to preview the following feature elements in a Creo Parametric window during the relevant step of the hole creation process:
The reference surface or datum plane that represents the hole surface
The reference surface that represents the "Through Until" depth
The straight hole feature when all feature elements are defined
11. Click OK.