Data Exchange > AutobuildZ > Creating Features in the Current Part > Applying a Scale Factor to Models When Creating Features
Applying a Scale Factor to Models When Creating Features
A scale factor is automatically applied to all elements when you use the feature creation wizards to define features. The features that you create on the active part are scaled according to the drawing and view scale values that you specify when defining the views. In this manner, the design intent is propagated from the drawing to the part model.
Drawing scale is applied to entities that you select from the orthographic or auxiliary views during feature creation. When you create features using entities from the sectional or detailed views, the view scale is applied before the drawing scale.
If the drawing scale for a view is 2.00, the entities in that view are only half the actual size. The scaling factor of 2.00 is applied to the feature that is created when entities from that view are selected.
If the length of an entity selected on the drawing is 2 units and the dimension value is 20, the drawing scale value is 10. The selected entity is scaled by this scale factor of 10 in the part.
If the calculated drawing scale value is 10.00, and if you enter a view scale of 2.00 for a detailed view, then the actual scale used for entities selected in the detailed views during feature creation is 5.00.