To Create a Datum Plane
1. Click Feature > Datum Plane on the AutobuildZ tab. The Datum Plane wizard opens.
2. Type a name for the datum plane in the Name box.
3. Under Offset Reference on screen Step 2 Of 2 of the Datum Plane wizard, click to select a line entity that is horizontal or vertical in an orthographic view to locate the new datum plane. This new datum plane is offset from one of the default datum planes in the part model, based on the orientation of the selected line entity.
The adjacent box displays the ID of the selected entity.
Click if you want to clear the selection.
The Translation box under Offset Options displays the offset value of the line entity offset from the relevant datum plane in the part model. You can modify the offset value if required.
The adjacent box displays the name of the selected default datum plane of the part model.
4. Click to flip the positive direction of the datum plane.
5. Click Preview to preview the following feature elements in a Creo Parametric window during the relevant step of the datum plane creation process:
The default datum plane in the part model that is parallel to the line entity selected to represent the offset reference is highlighted in cyan.
The new datum plane feature is highlighted in red when all feature elements are defined.
6. ClickOK.