About ATB-enabled CATIA V5
The Enable ATB option is selected by default in the import profile and the Import New Model and the File dialog boxes for the CATIA V5 file format. Importing CATIA V5 part and assembly models to Creo Parametric, therefore, creates Translated Image Models (TIMs). You can also insert CATPart model files as ATB-enabled import features in Creo Parametric part models.
You can import CATIA V5 files without a license. You must, however, purchase the Creo CATIA V5 Collaboration license to export Creo Parametric part and assembly files to CATIA V5.
The Check Status criteria for CATIA V5 TIM parts is the system file date of the reference model file. The Check Status function considers any TIM with a reference model file date that is recent than the last update as 'Out-Of-Date'. A recent file date may not indicate an updated file content.