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To Set the Display of Process Components
You can set the display of a component according to its status in the assembly process. It is easier to distinguish one component from another when you set a different display style for each status.
1. On the Model tab, click Process Display. The Process Component Display dialog box opens.
2. Set options in two columns to indicate component status during the assembly process:
Process display—Shows how the component has been assembled.
Selection display—Shows how a selected component is displayed during step definition.
3. You can set three levels of component display options for each of the above columns:
Previous components—Sets the display to use for a component that has already been assembled as part of an existing step.
Current components—Sets the display to use for a component that is active in the current assembly step.
Unused components—Sets the display to use for a component that has not yet been used in the assembly process or has been disassembled.
4. Select the display style for each level of display option:
Current Environment—Uses the current setting for the component status and level.
Phantom—Displays the component in a ghost line format.
Blank—Does not display the component.
Wireframe—Displays the component as a wireframe model.
Hidden Line—Displays the component as a hidden line model.
No Hidden—Displays the component as a no hidden line model.
Shade—Displays the component as a shaded model.
Click Reset to default to set the Previous components and Current components status for both display styles as Current Environment. The Process displayUnused components display is set to Blank, and the Selection displayUnused components is set to Phantom.
Click Minimize repaints to set all Process display styles to those of Selection display. When the display styles are identical, fewer repaints are required after step definition to correctly display the process assembly.