About Process Plans
A process plan is an assembly that contains the features defining the process steps. An assembly process has dependencies on one or more design assemblies and fixture models. The process object has a required (for PDM purposes) dependency on the assemblies that are assembled into it. If you assemble a part by selecting it from an assembly, the required dependency is relative to the assembly, not the part. However, if you assemble a single part by selecting the part directly from its part window, the required dependency is on the part.
A process consists of all referenced assemblies and parts, as well as the sequence of steps that define the process actions: assemble, disassemble, reassemble, and reposition, and other steps such as fastening, preparing surfaces and finishing.
The system retrieves the process model in whatever state it exists before the start of the process (that is, without retrieving any components and without an active step). Use the Set Step and Select Step menus to move to an active step. The system displays only those components required by the indicated step.