About the Additional Options Dialog Box
Use the Additional Options dialog box to set the Pattern Options of the fastener and the Hole Visibility of the created holes.
In the Pattern Options area you can, depending on the selected position reference, select one of the following:
Assemble single instance?—To assemble the fastener on the selected reference only.
Pattern fastener?—To assemble the fastener on the leader position of the pattern and to pattern the fastener and the holes.
Assemble fastener on all instances?—To assemble a fastener on each instance of the position reference feature
Assemble fastener on all instances and pattern it?—To assemble the fastener on all instances of the position reference and then pattern the fastener.
If you assemble a fastener on all instances of a patterned position reference, it may lead to problems if you change the number of the pattern. The fastener is not updated automatically.
Set the option PATTERN_OPTION to control the default selection.
In the Hole Visibility area you can select the visibility for the created holes for Side 1, Side 2 and for the Middle plates. Select one of the following:
Create hole in part—to create the hole directly in the part.
Create hole in assembly—to create the hole in the parent assembly.
Do not create a hole—to skip hole creation.
Set the option HOLE_VISIBILITY to SELECT to show the Hole Visibility area. If you select another value, this area is hidden.
—Indicates that the part cannot be changed and hole creation is disabled by default. You must allow the hole to be created. If connected to a Windchill server, check out the model so that a warning does not appear.
Click OK to assemble the fastener or click Cancel to close the dialog.