Workflows for Embedded Components
Below are a number of suggested workflows for using inseparable assemblies and embedded components. Remember that you can separate an inseparable assembly and extract components from an assembly when needed.
Conceptual Design
You can creating embedded components in an assembly to virtually structure the assembly as a conceptual design or preliminary assembly design. When the design is finalized, you can extract the components to create separate business objects.
New Purchased Item
You purchase an assembly from a vendor and you want it to be a single business object.
1. Open the top-level assembly or check it out from Windchill.
2. Open the purchased assembly.
3. Make it inseparable and save it. Check-in to Windchill when required.
4. Assemble the inseparable assembly into the top-level design assembly.
5. You can create data sharing features in the top-level assembly that reference the inseparable assembly.
6. Create a drawing for the assembly with a BOM table, note that the inseparable assembly is included as one item.
7. To show the embedded models in the BOM, select Attributes in the Repeat Region menu and select Incl Embedded.
8. Check-in the modified version of the design assembly to Windchill.
New Revision of Purchased Item
When you receive a new revision of the purchased assembly from the vendor, you need to update it in your assembly.
1. Save the new version of the purchase assembly on a local disk.
2. Make sure that the new version of the purchased assembly has the same name as the one you made inseparable and assembled in your assembly.
3. Clear any open sessions.
4. Retrieve the new version of the purchased assembly from the local disk.
5. Make the new purchased assembly inseparable and save it.
6. Check-in the new inseparable purchased assembly. The system warns about conflict, ignore the warning and overwrite. The inseparable assembly is replaced. When you retrieve the design assembly the new version is retrieved.
7. Retrieve the top-level design assembly and make sure the drawings and data sharing features are intact.