About Legacy Representations
To view and work with legacy simplified representations, set the hide_pre_creo4_reps configuration option to no. When this configuration option is set to maintain master, you can retrieve legacy representations that are included in the model.
Geometry—Contains complete component geometry information. Compared with Graphics representations, Geometry representations take longer to retrieve and require more memory. They can be used to perform the following tasks:
Remove hidden lines.
Obtain measurement information.
Calculate mass properties.
Reference other assembly components.
Geometry representation intersections update to changes made to the assembly (but not changes made to the part), such as dimension modification, feature redefinition, changes in component placement, and so forth.
Graphics—Contains only information for display so you can quickly browse through a large assembly. Graphics representations cannot be modified or referenced.
Graphics representations display information that is saved in the assembly context. You can use explode states, sectioning, and measurement between points on graphic surfaces. If parts are modified outside the context of the assembly, their display is not updated until the master representation of the assembly is retrieved.
Light Graphics—Allows you to retrieve assembly information and 3D thumbnails of assembly components. You can drill-down manually in the assembly and replace a thumbnail with internal component thumbnails. To work on a specific component, you can replace any thumbnail with a traditional representation.
Symbolic—Allows you to represent components with a symbol. Placement of a Symbolic representation is similar to that of datum points. Click Annotate and to choose a symbol or to define a symbol. Point-tags for the symbolic representations are visible in the assembly. It is very difficult to differentiate them from datum point features if datum point display is on.
Boundary Box—Allows you to represent components with a boundary box.
Assembly—Allows you to hide selected components while displaying assembly features.