About Light Graphics Representations
Light graphics, simplified representations of assemblies, contain assembly information and 3D thumbnail graphics of assembly components. The graphics of the model is represented using the Creo View MCAD viewable. You can open light graphics simplified representations from Windchill or from your local drive when you have a saved viewable of the assembly. A light graphics simplified representation of an assembly uses less memory and is retrieved faster than the master representation of the assembly.
First level components in the assembly are represented by thumbnails. You can drill down and replace component thumbnails with thumbnails of the subcomponents. At any level in the assembly you can select a component, right-click, and set it to Master or other simplified representations.
Although 3D thumbnail graphics are visible by default, you can clear the Use 3D thumbnails check box on the Assembly page of the Creo Parametric Options dialog box to hide them.
To save a viewable of an assembly, you must first set the path to the PVS recipe file. Use the intf_out_pvs_recipe_file configuration option to set the path. For more information on PVS recipe files search the Creo View MCAD Help.