To Show Differences
1. In the Model Tree, right-click the layout or data sharing feature and select Update Control > Show Differences. The Show Differences tab opens.
2. To display only the relevant geometry click Isolate. All geometry except relevant geometry is hidden in the graphics window.
3. To highlight Sublayouts, Nodes, and Tags that were changed, added or deleted, click the Model Tree Display commands.
4. To filter different types of geometry, color coded according to the relevant button, click the Geometry Display commands.
You can change the color and line font of the geometry displayed.
5. To review the implications of the update in Design Exploration, click Explore Update.
6. To remove the notification icon on outdated layout features, click Remove Notification.
7. To restore the notification icon to outdated layout features without a notification icon, click Restore Notification.
8. To update the layout or data sharing feature, click Update.
9. Click Close.