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To Change Colors of Geometry to Show Differences
You can change colors for geometry using the Geometry Display commands in the Show Differences tab or the System Appearance page of the Creo Parametric Options dialog box.
From the Geometry Display Commands
1. With the Show Differences tab open, click Outdated, Changed, Added, Deleted, or Unchanged. The style palette opens.
2. To restore the default color, click the color icon under Default Color.
3. To set a standard color, click a color button under Standard Colors.
4. To use a previous color, click a color button under Recent Colors.
5. To set a custom color, click More Colors. The Color Editor dialog box opens. Use the color wheel, the blending palette or the sliders to set a custom color and click OK.
6. Click Line Font to select a different font from the list.
7. Click Ignore Style to ignore this type of modification to geometry in the layout feature.
8. Click the command to close the style palette.
From the Creo Parametric Options Dialog Box
1. Click File > Options > System Appearance.
2. Click the arrow next to Show Differences. The color buttons for Changed, Outdated, Unchanged, Added, and Deleted appear.
3. To change the color for geometry, click the arrow next to a color button. The system colors appear.
4. Choose a color or click Use Default. Source geometry and copied geometry will appear in this color in the graphics window when you the Show Differences tab is open.
5. Click OK.