Inheritance Features Capabilities
Changes in the reference part are associatively propagated to the dependent Inheritance feature when both reference and target parts are in the same session. You can control whether Inheritance features are dependent on the reference part.
Creation or modification of varied items is possible without the reference part in the current session.
Addition or removal of material geometry.
Varied items values can be driven by associative parameters owned by the Inheritance feature. The associative parameters can be modified using Creo Parametric tools, either manually, via Relations, using a Family Table, and so on.
The ability to change annotation properties.
The conversion of an inheritance feature to an external Inheritance feature.
Nest Inheritance features.
The monitoring of parent and child relationships between subfeatures of Inheritance and other features of the part that reference them.
The following operations can be performed on varied items for Inheritance features.
Varied Item
Suppress, resume, erase, restore
New, affected features
3D Note
Copy, Don’t Copy, Visibility
3D Symbol
Copy, Don’t Copy
Surface Finish
Copy, Don’t Copy, Value
Geometry Tolerance
Copy, Don’t Copy, Value
Value, tolerances, boundary, varied properties (annotation backup)
When you already have an Inheritance or external Inheritance feature in your Model Tree, right-click the Inheritance feature in the Model Tree, and select Varied Items from the shortcut menu. The Varied Items dialog box opens.