To Edit Placement References
1. Retrieve an assembly.
2. To reroute the assembly references of a placed component, select it in the Model Tree and perform one of the following actions:
Right-click and select .
Click Model > Operations > Edit References.
You can also select the component in the Reference Viewer dialog box, right-click and select Edit References. The Edit References dialog box opens.
3. To replace an assembly placement reference, select a reference from the Original references list. The first reference is selected by default.
4. Click the New reference collector, and select a new assembly placement reference.
5. Repeat the steps above to replace additional assembly placement references.
6. To reset a changed reference back to the original placement reference, select it under Original references, and click Reset.
7. To roll the model to the most recent placement reference, click Go.
8. To preview the assembly with references that were edited so far, click .
9. To view placement references in the Reference Viewer, right-click the reference and choose Reference Viewer.
10. Click .