To Replace a Component with a Shrinkwrap Model
With this method of replacement, you replace a master model with a Shrinkwrap model and vice versa while maintaining all valid references. One Shrinkwrap model can be replaced by another and maintain references.
1. In an open assembly, select one or more components to be replaced, right-click, and select from the shortcut menu or click Operations > Replace. The Replace dialog box opens.
2. Click Reference Model.
3. Click , and then select a replacement model that is either a Shrinkwrap part (a part with an external Shrinkwrap feature of the model you are replacing) or a master model of the Shrinkwrap part you are replacing. Click OK.
Only parametric Shrinkwrap objects with source reference information can be used for the purpose of replacement. Click to create these objects.
4. Click Apply. The name of the replacement model appears in the Model Tree next to the name of the component to be replaced.
5. Click OK. The system places the new component in the assembly and in the Model Tree.