To Replace a Component with a New Copy
With this method of replacement, you replace a component with a copy by creating a new component based on the existing model.
1. In an open assembly, select one or more components to be replaced, right-click, and select from the shortcut menu or click Operations > Replace. The Replace dialog box opens.
2. Click By Copy.
3. Click Copy as skeleton (the option cannot be changed) to create a skeleton model. This option is available only if the skeleton model can be placed at the selected location, that is, if the component being replaced is the first component with no assembly features before it.
To create a skeleton model as the replacement model, the following conditions must be met:
A skeleton component is allowed at this location in the assembly structure.
The multiple_skeletons_allowed configuration option is set to yes.
The component being replaced comes just after an existing skeleton component in the Model Tree.
4. Accept the default name, or enter a name for the new model in the File Name box, and click Apply. The name of the replacement model appears in the Replace column in the Model Tree next to the name of the component being replaced.
5. Click OK.