To Replace a Component with an Unrelated Component
When you replace a component with an unrelated component remember the following:
Family Table instances cannot be replaced with unrelated components.
Children are not highlighted when you replace a component with an unrelated component. Investigate the parent/child references of a component before you replace it.
1. In an open assembly, select one or more components to be replaced, right-click, and select from the shortcut menu or click Operations > Replace. The Replace dialog box opens.
2. Click Unrelated Component.
3. To prevent creation of a dependency from the assembly to the outgoing component clear the Remember These Components check box.
4. Click , browse for the replacement model, and then click Open. The name of the selected component appears in the New Component box.
5. Click OK. The system replaces the original component. The Component tab opens.
6. Constrain the replacement model, and click .