Rules for Mirrored Subassemblies
After a subcomponent has been mirrored, the mirrored copy is used for later copies (for performance).
Mirrored assemblies can be reused in other parent assemblies.
Mirrored assembly explosion can be controlled.
A mirrored copy of a mirrored subassembly behaves as a mirrored copy of a mirrored part.
You can mirror packaged components and redefine placement (making the mirrored copies independent of changes to source placement).
Skeleton models are renamed but are still recognized as skeletons.
Bulk items are copied.
Layers are copied.
Patterned components create a mirrored pattern set in the mirrored assembly.
Assembly features outside the subassembly are ignored.
Assembly features within the subassembly being mirrored are copied. You can use the shortcut menu Intersect command to modify component intersections.