About Redefining Placement Constraint Sets
After you place a component, you can redefine its placement constraints. Using the Component Placement tab, you can add or remove constraints for the active component, and redefine any of its constraints in the following ways:
Change the following constraint types to the others in this list:
Flip sides
Modify the offset value
Specify new assembly references
Specify new component references
Switch between allowing and disallowing system assumptions
When redefining component placement, you can select datums or make them on the fly, as is the case when you are placing a component.
When you use the Default constraint, the system places the component at the assembly origin.
Use the Fix constraint to fix the current location of the component that was moved or packaged. The system fully constrains the packaged component in its current location.
You can redefine components in a simplified representation that have not been substituted or excluded in the current representation.