About Nested Interfaces
A nested interface uses previously defined interfaces as references. This allows the propagation of engineering intent and criteria to more than one level of the assembly. Use nested interfaces to:
Customize placement options—A nested interface can contain connections. Each subinterface is a set that the user can enable or disable at will.
Use interfaces designed in submodels—Nested interfaces at the assembly level can contain subinterfaces from different, lower levels in the assembly.
Define criteria to propagate engineering sense—Criteria defined for an interface are propagated up in to the assembly hierarchy when the interface is included in a nested interface.
An interface cannot be selected twice as a reference for a nested interface, although it can be selected for more than one nested interface. Conflicting criteria from subinterfaces is ignored.
Assembly-level nested interfaces can include subinterfaces from any assembly level. Interface hierarchy is presented in the Model Tree when placement sets are displayed.