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About Setting Rules for a Component Interface
An interface-to-interface match consists of two interfaces, that of the component and that of the assembly. Criteria, or match conditions, are set to reduce the number of possible matches and to capture design intent.
Criteria are defined for:
A specific placement reference—Criteria applies to the matching reference in the receiving component interface
For the entire component interface—Criteria applies to the entire receiving component interface.
Use the Rule Editor dialog box to set criteria for component and assembly interface match conditions:
Look for—Searches for surfaces, datum planes, points, coordinate systems, axes, edges and vertices.
Look by—Searches for items that belong to components and features.
Attributes—Searches for items based on their name and criteria.
History—Searches for all items based on their creation order or ID.
Status—Searches for items based on their layer status.
Use the Query Builder to combine rules when searching. Click Add New to add the newly defined rule to the Query Builder.