To Edit a Skeleton Model
1. Open an assembly with a skeleton model.
2. Select the skeleton model in the Model Tree or graphics window right-click and choose Activate from the shortcut menu.
3. To open the skeleton model in a separate window, right-click it in the Model Tree and choose Open from the shortcut menu.
Several commonly used part commands are not available for skeleton models. You cannot copy a skeleton model, create a group or user-defined feature with a skeleton as one of its members, or perform merge and cut operations.
4. Perform one or more of the following procedures and proceed as you would for any component:
To add a feature—Choose a feature from the Operations, Shapes, or Editing groups.
To edit dimensions—Right-click a skeleton feature in the Model Tree or graphics window and choose from the shortcut menu, or double-click a feature of the active skeleton model.
To regenerate—Select the skeleton model in the Model Tree or graphics window, right-click and click .
To set material or units—Click File > Prepare > Model Properties. The Model Properties dialog box opens. Click change for one of the following options:
Material—Creates or modifies material data (opens the Material dialog box).
Units—Opens the Units Manager dialog box. Change the System of Units for the skeleton model.
Mass Props—Opens the Setup Mass Properties dialog box.
Tolerance—Opens the TOL SETUP menu.
Reference Control—Opens the Reference Control dialog box to control creation of external references.
To specify a new name for the skeleton model—Click File > Manage File > Rename.
To manage notes associated with the skeleton model—Click Annotate and use the commands on the Annotate tab.
To set a custom symbol for a feature—Click Annotate and click the arrow next to Symbol and select an option to insert a symbol.
Click Tools > Model Intent > Designate—Opens the Designate dialog box to designate parameter tables, attributes, and objects for mass properties.
Click Tools > Model Intent > Program—Accesses Program.
Tools > Parameters—Opens the Parameters dialog box.
Click File > Manage File > Declare—Opens the menu to declare or undeclare notebooks, tables, or names or to list those declared.