To Create a Surface-to-Surface Blend
Use the Blend Between Surfaces command to create a smooth surface or solid transition between two surfaces.
The surfaces used for this feature must have matching tangency points for each point on their surfaces, such as with two spheres. The surfaces must be inclined toward each other by at least a 30Ā° angle.
1. Set the enable_obsoleted_features configuration option to yes. The Blend Between Surfaces command appears on the All Commands list.
2. Add the Blend Between Surfaces command to the desired user-defined group on the ribbon.
For information about customizing the ribbon, see the Related Links.
3. Click the arrow next to Protrusion and click Surface. The SURFACE: Surface to Surface Blend dialog box opens.
4. Select the first surface to form the tangent surface boundary.
5. Select the second surface and middle-click. The blend is created.