To Create a Conic Surface
1. Set the enable_obsoleted_features configuration option to yes. The Conic Surface and N-sided Patch command appears on the All Commands list.
2. Add the Conic Surface and N-sided Patch command to the desired user-defined group on the ribbon.
For information about customizing the ribbon, see the Related Links.
3. Click Conic Surface and N-sided Patch. The BNDRS OPTS menu opens.
4. Click Conic Surf and then click Shouldr Crv or Tangent Crv.
5. Click Done. A dialog box opens and lists the following elements of the surface feature:
Curves—Specifies geometrical references for this feature.
Conic Param—Specifies the conic parameter.
6. The Boundaries option in the CRV OPTS menu is active. Define opposite boundaries of the conic surface by selecting two curves or edges.
7. After bounding curves are defined, click Shouldr Crv or Tangent Crv from the OPTIONS menu and select the conic curve in the same way as you selected bounding curves.
8. Click Done on the OPTIONS menu.
9. Enter the conic parameter value from 0.05 to 0.95. Sections of the surface are one of the following types, according to their conic parameter value:
0.05 < parameter < 0.5 - ellipse
parameter = 0.5 - parabola
0.5 < parameter < 0.95 - hyperbola
10. Click .
11. Click OK in the dialog box.