To Create a Section-to-Surface Blend
Use the Blend Section To Surfaces command to create a transitional surface or solid between a set of tangent surfaces and a sketched contour. The set of surfaces selected for the tangent boundary must be closed.
1. Set the enable_obsoleted_features configuration option to yes. The Blend Section To Surfaces command appears on the All Commands list.
2. Add the Blend Section To Surfaces command to the desired user-defined group on the ribbon.
For information about customizing the ribbon, see the Related Links.
3. Click the arrow next to Blend Section To Surfaces and click Surface. The SURFACE: Section to Surfaces Blend dialog box opens.
4. Select surfaces to form the tangent boundary. The surfaces must be tangent to each other. Pick all the surfaces, then middle-click.
5. Select or create the sketching plane for the section boundary.
6. Specify the direction of feature creation and enter Sketcher mode.
7. Sketch the section boundary. The section must be closed.
8. Click OK.