To Create a Constant-Angle Tangent Draft Outside a Draft Surface
1. Click Model > Surfaces > Blend Tangent to Surfaces. The Tangent Surface dialog box opens.
2. Click .
3. Specify the draft direction by selecting one of the following:
One Sided—The draft is created only on one side of the reference curve.
Two Sided—The draft is created on both sides of the reference curve.
4. Specify the pull direction.
If you are creating a one-sided draft, the pull direction must point from the reference curve in the same direction that the draft is being created.
5. Click the References tab, click under Draft Line Selection and select the reference curve. The reference curve can be any chain of edges or curves (such as a draft curve). The reference curve must lie on a surface of the reference part.
You cannot select an assembly level silhouette curve as a reference curve for a tangent draft. To create a tangent draft in the reference model, you must create a silhouette curve in the reference model itself.
6. In the Angle box, type the value for the draft angle.
7. In the Radius box, type the value for the radius of the fillet that connects the draft surfaces with the adjacent surfaces of the reference part.
8. Click to preview the tangent draft geometry. If required, you can change the draft geometry by specifying the Spine Curves or Closing Surfaces on the Options tab. You can also edit the reference curve by using the Curves tab.
9. When satisfied with the feature geometry, click to close the dialog box and create the feature.