Surfacing > Creo Interactive Surface Design (Style) > Regeneration > To Automatically Regenerate Surfaces
To Automatically Regenerate Surfaces
Surfaces automatically regenerate during editing. To set the curve regeneration options, perform the following actions:
1. Click Style > Operations > Preferences. The Style Preferences dialog box opens.
2. Under Auto regenerate, select one or more of the following check boxes:
To automatically generate only the wireframe surfaces, select Surfaces.
To automatically generate both wireframe and shaded surfaces, select Shaded surfaces.
Surfaces generate automatically if you edit any of the following items:
The curves that are used to create a surface.
If the edited curves do not form a valid closed boundary, the surface does not regenerate. You must resolve this by editing the curves so as to form a valid surface boundary and clicking Regenerate All.
The internal curves of a surface. Any COSs and dependent children are also updated so as to lie on the regenerated surface.