Setting Style Preferences
This topic describes how to set the Style preferences inside the Style feature.
1. Click Style > Operations > Preferences. The Style Preferences dialog box opens.
2. Set any of the following preferences:
Surface Connections
Connection types:
Tangent check box—Adds default tangent connections to newly-created Style surfaces.
Normal check box—Adds default normal connections to newly-created Style surfaces.
Connection icon scale—Sets the icon display size.
Surface Mesh
Surface mesh display
On—Shows the surface mesh.
Off when shaded—Hides the surface mesh when the Shading display mode is selected. Shows the surface mesh when the Shading mode is not selected.
Always off—Hides the surface mesh.
Quality slider—Defines the fineness of the surface mesh.
Merge surfaces on exit check box—Merges the surfaces of the current Style feature when you exit Style. This preference is stored within the feature, so each Style feature can have a different setting.
Display grid check box—Displays a grid for the active datum plane.
Spacing—Defines the number of lines to display on the grid.
Auto Regenerate
Curves check box—Regenerates curves automatically.
Surfaces check box—Regenerates surfaces automatically.
Shaded surfaces check box—Regenerates shaded surfaces automatically.
3. If needed, to restore all the Style preferences to the default settings, click Reset.
4. Click OK.