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To Perform Actions Using the Style Tree
In the Style Tree, select the entity on which to perform an action. Right-click and choose the appropriate action.
Set Active Plane—Sets the active datum plane for geometry creation and edits.
This action is available only for planes listed in the Style Tree.
Edit Definition—Redefines Style geometry. Opens the appropriate tab to edit entities such as curves or surfaces.
Suppress—Temporarily removes an entity from the model, both physically and visually, until you resume the entity.
Resume—Returns a suppressed entity to the model.
Resolve—Resolves features that fail to regenerate.
Hide—Visually removes the selected Style entities from display in the graphics window.
Unhide—Displays the hidden Style entities.
Show Only—Hides the display of all the Style entities in the current feature except the selected entities.
Zoom to selected—Zooms in to the selected entity so you can see it more easily.
Convert—Converts curves from one type to another.
Unlink—Breaks the associativity between Style entities and any of their optional references. Optional references for surfaces include internal curves and connections. Optional references for curves include soft points.
Delete—Deletes selected entities.
Highlight Parents—Highlights parents of the selected entity. A parent is an entity that is used to define another entity. For example, the boundary curves that are used to create a surface are its parents. Several parents can make an entity. Highlight Parents highlights entities referenced by the selected entities.
Highlight Children—Highlights children of the selected entities. A child is an entity that references another entity. For example, a surface is a child of the boundary curves that were used to create it.
Rename—Renames the selected entity.
Entity Information—Displays information about selected Style entities in an Information Window.
A mini toolbar also opens that shows context-relevant commands.