About the Style Tree
The Style Tree is a list of entities in a Style feature. The Style Tree lists curves, surfaces including trims and surface edits, and datum planes inside the current Style feature.
An image is not listed in the Style Tree.
A surface edit created on a surface is displayed in the Style Tree as a nested node of the surface.
By default, the Style Tree is located in the Creo main window. The entities in the Style Tree are listed by name and in dependency order. You cannot reorder entities in the Style Tree.
You can add columns to the Style Tree that display information about the entity.
When you select entities in the Style Tree you use object-action selection. After selecting an entity, right-click and choose the action. For example, if you want to edit a curve, you select the curve, right-click and choose Edit Definition, and edit the curve as required.
You can also highlight the parents and children of the entities using the Style Tree.
The Style Tree is not active during asynchronous datum creation. However, the Style Tree is active just before and after creating the asynchronous datum plane.
Creating an internal datum plane in Style is not considered an asynchronous operation.