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To Import Curves from Creo Sketch into Style
1. While the Style tab is open, click View > Model Display > Images. The Images tab opens.
2. Click Import, and select a plane or planar surface on which to place the image. The Open dialog box opens.
3. Browse to the required .csk image, select it, and click Open.
The image is added to the selected datum plane or planar surface in the graphics area.
The name of the image is added to the list under Images. When you hover your pointer over the image name, the datum plane or planar surface and the image name appear as tooltips.
4. If needed, work with the image. Any transformations to the image during the initial import are also applied to the curves. For more information, see the Related Links.
5. Click Images > OK.
The Images tab closes.
The imported curves appear in the Style Tree as free curves.
Any association between the curves and their imported image is broken. If you edit the image, only the image is updated.
6. Click Style > OK.
When you redefine the image, the curves imported with the image are not redefined. If needed, to edit the curves together with the image, click Images > Remove to remove the image and curves, and add the image again. The curves are imported again.
The ends of imported connected curves are no longer snapped together after they are imported.