About Importing Curves into Style
You can create new Style free curves by importing curve entities created outside or within the Style feature. Importing curves in this manner is helpful when working with curves created from other sources such as Adobe Illustrator or curves imported through IGES.
Free curve approximation can be created from current Style feature geometry such as curves and edges.
You can import the following types of curves into a Style feature.
Import using Curve from Datum:
Datum curves imported into Creo. For example, from IGES, Adobe Illustrator, and so on.
Datum curves created in Creo Parametric.
Style curves or edges created in another Style feature or in the current Style feature.
Edges of any Creo feature.
Import using Images:
Curves created in Creo Sketch.
When you import geometry, an approximation of the imported geometry is created. Curves selected as chains will be approximated as a single Style curve while curves selected independently will be approximated independently.
The new curves created in Style after importing the curves are independent of the original curves.