To Create a Loft Surface
A loft surface is created from two non-intersecting curve chains.
1. Click Style > Surface. The Surface tab opens.
2. Select a set of non-intersecting curve chains.
1. Curve chains
A preview surface appears.
3. If the loft surface is not on the side of the curve that you intended, for example, if the handle is inside the jug instead of outside where it is intended to be:
1. Connection symbols, Normal connection type
To flip the loft surface to the other side of the boundary curve, right-click the Normal connection symbol of the boundary curve and choose Flip Direction.
Flip the Normal direction of one curve.
Flip the Normal direction of the other curve.
4. To modify the defining chains, trim or extend one or more of them.
5. To adjust the parameterization of the surface, click and add reparameterization curves.
6. Click .