To Analyze Knots and Control Mesh
1. Click Style > Knots, or click Analysis > Inspect Geometry > Knots. The Knots analysis dialog box opens.
2. To define the geometry to analyze, click the Geometry collector, and select one or more curves, or select one or more surfaces.
3. To define the items to display in the analysis, select an option:
Knots—Shows the curve or surface knots.
Control Mesh—Shows the curve control points or the surface control mesh.
Both—Shows both the knots and the control points or control mesh.
4. To define the type of analysis, select an option:
Quick—Shows the analysis until you close the Knots dialog box.
Saved—Saves the analysis with the model. Type a name for the analysis. For more information, see About a Saved Analysis in the Fundamentals section of the help.
5. Click OK.