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About Curve and Surface Analyses in Style
You can create and save curve and surface analyses in Style using the tools in the Analysis group. It is often helpful to use curve and surface analyses to evaluate the quality of your curves and surfaces as you edit them in Style. When you edit the definition of the Style feature, the saved curve or surface analysis is dynamically updated with respect to the changed definition.
If the geometry analysis is created in a top-level assembly, then editing the part-level Style entity does not dynamically update the top-level analysis. The top-level analysis updates when the top-level assembly is regenerated.
There are two ways to use the curve and surface analyses in Style.
While creating a Style feature or editing its definition, use saved geometry analysis on the Style geometry. Continue creating or editing in Style. The analysis is dynamically updated.
Create a curve or surface analysis on any existing Style geometry and save it. This analysis is dynamically updated when you edit the feature definition.