Surface Connection Operations
You can perform the following operations to create or modify surface connections:
Select the connection arrow, right-click and choose a connection type.
Creates or modifies a connection
Click a G0 - Position connection symbol
Creates a G1 - Tangent or Normal connection, where applicable
Click the end of the arrow
Changes the direction of the connection
Click the middle of the arrow
Switches between a tangent or curvature connection
Hold down the SHIFT key and click the middle of the arrow
Restores a G0 - Position connection
Hold down the ALT key and click the middle of the arrow
Creates a Draft connection
Right-click a Normal connection symbol on a loft surface that has a boundary curve whose points and endpoint tangents are coplanar, and choose Flip Direction
Flips the direction of a Normal connection, and therefore flips the loft surface to the other side of the boundary curve