About Moving and Copying Style Geometry
The move and copy functionalities in Style apply only to Style curves. These functionalities apply to planar and free curves, circles and arcs, but not COSs.
For planar curves, the planar constraints are not violated.
The move functionality allows you to translate, rotate, and scale the Style geometry.
The copy functionality duplicates the selected geometry and allows you to translate, rotate, and scale it. Soft points are preserved during a copy. The copy may be unlinked, in which case references to the geometry being copied are unlinked, if necessary.
The copy proportional functionality duplicates the selected geometry, while retaining the original proportions when the endpoints of the first curve in the selected geometry are moved to new positions during duplication.
Copied curves do not maintain history with the original curves. However, the copied curves preserve the relationships that exist between the individual curves in the set of curves selected for copying.
Copying Curves with Soft Point Constraint Proportionally
Soft point constraints do not allow you to copy curves proportionally. You must remove the soft point constraints to copy them proportionally or copy the constrained curves proportionally along with the parent curves.
To remove the soft point constraints, click Style > Unlink while copying a curve proportionally. If you do not click Style > Unlink, the constrained curves are copied proportionally along with the parent curves.