Surfacing > Scan Tools > Surface and Curve Manipulation > Modifying Curves > To Modify a Curve Using its Style Points
To Modify a Curve Using its Style Points
1. Click Edit > Modify in Scan Tools.
2. Select a curve to modify. The Modify Curve dialog box opens.
3. Click .
4. Optionally, before moving points, you can redefine style points on the curve. Select an operation under Style Points:
Move—Moves the curve by moving the interpolation points on the curve.
Add—Adds style points to the curve by selecting points on the curve.
Delete—Deletes style points from the curve by picking points.
Redistribute—Redistributes style points according to the curve’s curvature. Regions with higher curvature have a denser point distribution.
5. Select a point on the curve and start dragging it.
6. Optionally, click Region to define the Poly Motion Region.
7. Optionally, click Diagnostics to enable the dynamic display of the selected analyses.
8. Optionally, click Constraints to set boundaries constraints.
9. To use sliders, select a point to drag, click Sliders, and move the sliders in each direction.
10. Click OK to finish the operation.