About Moving Control Points
The Modify Shape tab includes commands for moving control points.
Move—Constrains point movement:
Normal—Moves selected points along their own surface normal. The surface normal adjusts to the new point location.
Normal Constant—Moves selected points along surface normal of the dragged active point.
Normal Orig—Moves selected points along the original surface normal. The surface normal is not affected by previous moves to point location.
In Surface—Moves selected points parallel to tangent plane. Each point moves along its own tangent surface.
Along Bar (Shift)—Moves selected points along their adjoining row or column bar. Press SHIFT while dragging to apply Along Bar motion, regardless of the method displayed in the Move box.
In View (Alt)—Moves selected points in a plane parallel to the current view. Create custom views to move points in specific planes. Press ALT while dragging to apply In View motion, regardless of the method displayed in the Move box.
Filter—Constrains the distribution of selected points surrounding the active point:
—Moves points the same distance as the dragged active point. For a constrained surface, the boundary does not move.
—Uses a linear equation to define point motion. The distance decreases in proportion to the distance from the dragged active point.
—Uses a quadratic equation to define point movement. Motion of selected points drops off smoothly with distance from dragged active point.
Adjust—Moves a selected control point. (The active point is surrounded by a red circle.) Enter a value and use the arrows to move a selected control point. You can also use the arrow keys to move the selected points.