Surfacing > Freestyle > Using Freestyle > To Create a Freestyle Feature
To Create a Freestyle Feature
1. Open a new or an existing part and click Model > Freestyle. The Freestyle tab opens.
2. Click the arrow next to Shapes to open a gallery of open and closed primitives.
3. Click an open or a closed primitive to display it in the graphics window with its control mesh.
4. Click the control mesh to display the dragger.
5. Select a mesh element on the control mesh. Depending on your design intent, manipulate the control mesh using the dragger, or the commands in the following groups:
Manipulation—Manipulates or scales the control mesh to create a Freestyle surface. Use the dragger to perform these operations.
Create—Makes topological changes to the Freestyle surface.
Crease—Applies a hard or a soft crease to the mesh elements.
Symmetry—Mirrors a Freestyle surface.
6. Click OK to save and close the Freestyle feature. Alternatively, click Cancel to cancel all the changes and exit the environment.