About Resolution Levels
Setting a resolution is a method you can use to create a finer and complex virtual control mesh for manipulation. When a shape has high resolution, you can transform, scale, or planarize the mesh. However, you cannot create new vertices which limits the use of other Freestyle commands.
You can apply resolution at three levels. As the level increases, the mesh density increases, and the shape becomes smoother. New vertices appear when the shape appears in resolution. When you exit resolution, the virtual mesh disappears. Although, the control mesh remains unchanged, the changes that you make to a shape in Resolution mode are permanent, unless you reset those changes.
You can reset mesh changes made at a specific resolution level when the same resolution level is applied to the shape. For example, if you make mesh changes for a shape at Resolution level 2, you can reset the changes when you display the shape at Resolution level 2. You can select a specific change in a shape and reset it or you can reset all mesh changes in a shape at a specific resolution level.
In the Freestyle Tree, shapes that are modified in Resolution mode appear with one of the following icons:
—Level 1
—Level 2
—Level 3
The number in the icon indicates the highest resolution level at which mesh changes are made to the shape.