The Points Tab
The Points tab consists of commands. It is used for the Point phase of facet modeling.
The Points tab opens when you click Model > Get Data > Import and import a .pts, .vtx, .acs, .ibl, .igs, or .vda file. For some data, you can return to the Points tab after you have entered a different phase by clicking Wrap > Return to Point Phase or Facet > Return to Point Phase.
Reduce Noise—Moves points to the locations as determined using statistical methods.
Fill Hole—Fills gaps and holes in the model by adding new points.
Sample—Creates a sample of the points and helps produce an accurate wrap model with fewer points and less computation time.
Crop Selected—Deletes all the points outside a selected region.
Delete Outliers—Deletes points that appear offset from the main point set.
Delete Selected—Deletes all the points inside a selected region.
Add—Adds another point set to the existing point set and merge the two. This is useful when you want to close an open surface and create an object with a closed volume.
Save—Saves the point data to a .pts file.
Region Style
Inside/across box—Selects points, triangles, or facets that partially or completely lie inside the rectangular marquee.
Inside polygon—Selects points, triangles, or facets that completely lie inside the polygon.
Paintbrush—Selects points, triangles, or facets through which the stroke of the paintbrush traverses.
Inside ellipse—Selects points, triangles, or facets that completely lie inside the elliptical marquee.
Reverse Selection—Reverses the selection of points so that the points that were previously selected are not selected any more, and the points that were not previously selected are selected and highlighted.
Hide Selected—Hides the display of selected points.
Unhide All—Displays all the hidden points.
Filter list—Graphically filters the points to display a percentage of the points in the point set.
Cancel—Closes the Points tab without saving any changes.
Wrap—Creates a wrap or a triangulated mesh, and opens the Wrap tab.
Facet—Opens the Facet tab.