To Change the Pipeline Network Report Format
1. Click Piping Info. The Report Pipeline dialog box opens.
2. Click , or under Type select Pipeline to create a pipeline network report.
3. Under Select Report Format, click to change the default format of the report. The Report Format dialog box opens.
a. Under Name, type a name for the new report format or select an existing format name from the list.
b. Under Parameters, select the parameters that you want to display in the new report. All the available parameters are displayed in the Parameters box. You can also specify the order of the columns to be displayed in the report from the left to the right and the width of each column
Under Columns, all parameters selected from the Parameters list are displayed under the Name, Width, and Parameter columns.
Use to move a selected field from the Parameters box into the Columns box. Use to move a selected field from the Columns box back to the Parameters box. Use to shift the selected field in the Columns box in the upward direction. Similarly, use to shift the selected field in the downward direction. The fields are displayed from the left to the right in the report based on the specified order.
c. To include a tally for a pipe, fitting, and bolt and nut at the end of the pipeline network report, under Tally, select:
Pipe to add a pipe tally.
Fitting to add a fitting tally.
Bolt & Nut to add a bolt and nut tally.
d. Click to save the format.
By default, the format is saved in the pipe_info_fmt.ptd file in your working directory. You can use this format to create the subsequent pipeline network reports.
4. Click to close the dialog box.