To Create Pipeline Reports in Spec-Driven Piping
1. Click Piping Info. The Report Pipeline dialog box opens.
2. Click Type and select the type of report that you want to create, or click a button.
—Segment report
—Pipeline report
—Fitting report
—Insulation report
—Bill of Materials report
—Output FIF report
—Schematic Consistency Check report
For this report set the piping_shcematic_driven configuration option is set to yes.
—Designatable reports
—Bend Machine report
—Bend Location report
When the piping_enable_designate_report configuration option is set to no, the Bend Machine and Bend Location reports are available.
You can indicate the number of decimal places in the Bend Location report, the Bend Machine report, and the Output FIF report by specifying a value for the default_dec_places configuration option. The default value is 2.
—Supravision information report
3. To select a different report format, choose from the Select Report Format list. Click to create or edit a report format.
Select Report Format is available only if you select the report type as Pipeline.
4. Click to select the segment, pipeline, or fitting from which you want to retrieve information. You can select the segment, pipeline, or fitting from the Model Tree, the Piping System Tree, or the graphics window.
5. Click Preview Info to display the results the Report Pipeline dialog box. Alternatively, click to view the results in a separate Information Window. You can save, edit, or close the report displayed in the Information Window.
6. Click .