Restoring the Display of Erased Inheritance Feature Annotations
Inheritance feature annotations in combination states are sometimes not visible in your model. When this is the case, the following occurs:
A message appears when you open the model that the missing annotations are automatically restored.
An .inf file is automatically generated in the working directory listing restored annotations, based on the combination states of the model
Text in the message area of the graphics window provides the location and the name of the information file
The missing annotations are restored automatically by assigning them to their original combination states, however, the display of the annotations is erased. The annotations exist but do not appear in the graphics window. This can occur under the following circumstances:
You are working with Creo Parametric 6.0.
The model you are opening was created in Creo Parametric 5.0 or earlier.
The model you are opening contains annotations from inheritance features in combination states
To identify annotations that are erased, review the list of annotations in the Detail Tree. The icon for an erased annotation appears dimmed compared to the icon for a shown annotation. You can then decide which of the erased annotations you want to display in the graphics window.
To display an erased annotation, right-click the annotation and select Unerase, or select multiple annotations, right-click, and select Unerase. The annotations you select to unerase are shown in the graphics window.