To Filter Display of Scan Sets
1. Click View > Display Settings > Scan Display to open the Scan Set Display dialog box.
2. Select a scan set from the list of scan sets. Deselect it by clicking on it again. You can change a number of scan sets simultaneously by selecting them together.
3. Choose one of the Display Mode options:
All Points—Displays the whole scan set (subject to the density setting).
Pick Box—Creates a box after you pick two points to form the diagonal corners of a box. Only the points inside the box are displayed. You must pick the box immediately after you choose this mode.
Cross Section—Displays the points in a specified envelope about a selected planar cross section in the design model and provides a list of available cross sections. You must enter the envelope width in the Xsec Width box.
4. To set the density of point display, click on the Percentage window, and then select one of the fixed values (from 0 through 100%) from the pull-down menu.
5. Click Preview for a preliminary view of the scan displays.
6. Click Cancel to close the dialog box without making any changes. Click OK to keep the changes and exit the dialog box.
These display settings are not saved. Therefore, if you change them, neither the Verification assembly nor its components are marked as changed.