Filtering Scan Sets
A typical scan set may contain several 100,000 points. Repainting the display of all these points can take some time, especially if you are displaying a number of scan sets. You may often be able to get the information you need from a smaller number of uniformly distributed points. In addition, you may be interested in data from only a certain section of the scan set.
You can filter the display of scan sets with the Scan Set Display dialog box. The dialog box lists the active scan sets in the Verification assembly and their current display settings. By default, the scan set display settings are set to All Points and a density of either 10% or 5,000 points, whichever is fewer.
If the density is 5,000 points, then the scan set display reflects that value when the scan set is created or brought into session. Any changes you subsequently make to the settings are effective only as long as the scan sets are in session.