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To Use Shaded Images
You may want to save some "highlights" of your NC Check process as regular shade files to be able to display them quickly on top of one another at a later time. Shade files are somewhat smaller than the image files and they take less time to be displayed.
When you click Interface on the NC CHECK menu, the INTRFACE menu opens with the following options:
Shade Save—Save the image as a shade file. The file will be saved in the current directory with the .shd extension, and can be eventually displayed using the Shade Restore option, or the Restore option on the SHADE menu.
Shade Restore—Display a shaded image. This option allows you to display only regular shade files with the .shd extension.
Unlike the .nck files, .shd files do not contain the data necessary to initialize the NC Check process. If you read in a regular shade file using the Shade Restore option, the screen will be repainted and the NC Check image displayed as soon as you click Run.